DevaCut Experience: Take 2

If you’ve followed my blog for some time, you may have seen my Worst Ever Haircut experience (if not click here!). So you know I have been more than reluctant to ever go to a salon again in my life.The only person I considered going to was the “curl doctor,” but he charges like $400 aka his prices are not for the average graduate student… or average human being for that matter.

But one day, after seeing the most AMAZING concert of my life in Orlando (Marc Anthony #PapiOfMyDreams #VoiceOfAGod #MiRey), I opened up YouTube and somehow a video popped up about a devacut experience in Orlando. I really don’t know why that was suggested to me, because I never searched it…. but let’s leave government shady-ness for another post.

Anyways… this girl’s hair came out really good and she had hair pretty similar to mine so I decided to look up the stylist on instagram. Bruhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. When I tell you her before and after pics brought tears to my eyes, that is not an exaggeration. Plus she’s located in Orlando. PLUS HER PRICES ARE REASONABLE! I couldn’t not go see her.

So I booked an appointment and let me tell you, it was the best and basically only good salon experience I’ve ever had. My hair slayed to the gawds and back and I am forever grateful to have visited such a young and talented stylist.

I’ll let the pictures below tell the story. Enjoy!


The Shape Up


Styled With DevaCurl Heaven in Hair and AnGel

(No the hair does not dry white lol)

The Finished Product!


#JarelyNunez The Amazing Curl Specialist

As you can see, this was a transformation of a lifetime. I left with frizz-free, moisturized, soft, shiny, “juicy,” bouncy curls. She literally cut one curl at a time, and did NOT cut much. Not to mention she gave me some banana bread when I was starving (and you all know that food is the key to my heart).

The only bad thing about the experience was that my hair will def never look so good from me doing it myself -_- so if I want popping curls I’ll have to go to Orlando (insert crying emoji here).

So my curly friends, if you are in Orlando, FL do your curls a favor and go see Jarely!

If you’re not convinced, see for yourself.

Next up: Pintura Highlights!



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