Identity crisis… existential questions during cuarentena

To further complicate the identity mierda, I was also 18 the first time I went to Puerto Rico; but, I've been so many times that I've literally lost track. My husband's Puerto Rican, I've been given an honorary Puerto Rican/Caribbean card by several Puerto Ricans, including my suegra. I speak Spanish fluently and have a slight Caribbean accent when doing so, I worship Marc Anthony and Hector Lavoe, my favorite dessert is flan, favorite music genere is probably reggaeton (#rachetontheinside)... así que..... What the heck am I?

Who I am and Who I Want to be – Sherez Renee Mohamed

Last time I wrote was in March, but I've made a promise to write more faithfully starting today. It was a rough semester. I took my PhD exams and passed (cheaaa!) defended my prospectus and passed (hell chea!), survived a semester living with my sister, and I got married! Currently I'm in Puerto Rico collecting …

Race in the United States: Why I will probably be getting my black behind out of here ASAP

Ok, so like I'm not usually a negative Nancy ....... actually that's exactly what I am 99.9% of the time, but anyways, I can't help but to be extra negative when it comes to race relations in the U.S. Like everyone else, I've hopped on the bandwagon and watched "13th" on Netflix, and the little …

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